Finding Love (& Sex) on Twitter

Most women under the age of 95 have been approached by men on social media. Most men have been contacted by women. There’s a temptation to write them all off as time-wasters and fakes, but I’m sure a percentage are people who are genuinely looking to form relationships ranging from…

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How does a Man meet a Woman?

A while ago I was watching a Chinese dating show with a man I did’t find particularly attractive. (The circumstances aren’t relevant here.) As each young man came on the stage, desperate to impress the panel of beautiful young women, he commented, “Look at them, they’re so bloody confident, they’ll never do any good that way.”

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I’ll Be Watching You

Tracy wakes to find herself alone in Philip’s house. To fill in his absence, she calls upon her lover, Nicholas. His creativity prevails as he introduces her to new adventures, this time in one of the seediest districts in London. WARNING “I’ll Be Watching You” is erotica. It contains explicit language,…

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Shopping for a Bed

Lucy is a quiet, conservative clerk in an insurance office. She secretly dreams of Connor, the handsome furniture salesman she sees at her bus stop every evening. When she plucks up the courage to shop for a new bed at Connor’s store, sparks fly, but Lucy finds out she isn’t…

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Reading Order for the Tracy Jones Series

When I started writing about Tracy’s adventures I only had the vaguest idea that they would turn out to be a series. But Tracy took off on her own very pleasant trajectory, and I merely followed along to write her adventures down.

In her first adventure, The Job Interview, she meets her boss Mr. Browne and his assistant James.

Tracy meets a handsome, blue-eyed stranger on the Underground and an Afternoon in the City follows.

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