Every Move You Make

Tracy is distraught after finding her boss, Mr. Browne in bed with Jasmine. Her first impulse is to leave, but she’s not letting him go without putting up a fight. Her boss lays down an unusual ultimatum. If she agrees to his proposal, she can stay. Otherwise she must leave her…

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The First Candidate

Tracy and her boss, Mr. Browne, are both sad to learn that their partner in sexual adventures, James, has been headhunted by a famous actress. Mr. Browne encourages Tracy to select James’s replacement. Of course, she has to interview them all, bringing her own unique approach to the table—or bed.…

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The Job Interview

Tracy Jones is a woman who knows just what she likes. She likes men, and she adores what they do to and with her body. Mr. Browne loves women, but an accident has left him confined to a wheelchair. When Tracy applies for the position of his cook and housekeeper,…

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I’ll Be Watching You

Tracy wakes to find herself alone in Philip’s house. To fill in his absence, she calls upon her lover, Nicholas. His creativity prevails as he introduces her to new adventures, this time in one of the seediest districts in London. WARNING “I’ll Be Watching You” is erotica. It contains explicit language,…

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Pan’s People

Emma and Matt are on their honeymoon, a camping holiday in Eastern Europe. At the end of a very long day they take a wrong turn and find themselves in a place just meant for lust. Before too long they’re participating in an orgy dedicated to an ancient and powerful…

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Reading Order for the Tracy Jones Series

When I started writing about Tracy’s adventures I only had the vaguest idea that they would turn out to be a series. But Tracy took off on her own very pleasant trajectory, and I merely followed along to write her adventures down.

In her first adventure, The Job Interview, she meets her boss Mr. Browne and his assistant James.

Tracy meets a handsome, blue-eyed stranger on the Underground and an Afternoon in the City follows.

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