Reading Order for the Tracy Jones Series

When I started writing about Tracy’s adventures I only had the vaguest idea that they would turn out to be a series. But Tracy took off on her own very pleasant trajectory, and I merely followed along to write her adventures down.

In her first adventure, The Job Interview, she meets her boss Mr. Browne and his assistant James.

Tracy meets a handsome, blue-eyed stranger on the Underground and an Afternoon in the City follows.

In her third story, The First Candidate, James is leaving Mr. Browne and Tracy, and she must interview potential candidates for his position. She brings her own particular flair to the process.

In Bed of Roses the gardener, Chris, catches Tracy’s eye.

The relationship between Chris and Tracy is going anything but smoothly in Every Step You Take, but Tracy is always resourceful.

In Every Move You Make, Mr. Browne comes up with a few surprises of his own.

Tracy and her old lover, Nicholas (from “Afternoon in the City”), have more adventures in I’ll Be Watching You.

Tracy’s on a tropical island in Every Game You Play. A handsome masseur sets every nerve tingling.

She’s a Bad Bad Girl in her most recent adventure, and Mr Browne encourages her to cross one of her few remaining boundaries.

Pan’s People  Shopping for a Bed and Definitely Donna are standalone stories.

Happy (and sexy) reading!

Jane x

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