Pan’s People

Emma and Matt are on their honeymoon, a camping holiday in Eastern Europe. At the end of a very long day they take a wrong turn and find themselves in a place just meant for lust. Before too long they’re participating in an orgy dedicated to an ancient and powerful deity. Emma discovers that nothing builds self-esteem like being desired—by a god.

WARNING “Pan’s People” is erotica. It contains explicit language, multiple partners & graphic sex.

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From a five star review on Amazon:

“I never thought about making love to a god or goddess until author Jane New introduced me to “Pan’s People.” What an amazing journey through an imaginary world of erotic adventure. For Emma and Matt, honeymooners in a strange land, a wrong turn resulted in magical and orgasmic circumstances, vividly and sensually described by the author. I have always embraced imagination and enjoyed the stroll between reality and fantasy. New escorted me into Pan’s world and I didn’t want to leave. This is a quick and easy read, perfect for bedtime reading with a partner. It will open a door to amazing arousal. Real or imagined, I’m going to take the journey with Jane New again and again.”

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