WOW some hard truths here. …

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WOW some hard truths here.

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How does a Man meet a Woman?
Unfortunately, the digital age has made real conversations harder to come by. Young people turn to the latest dating app to “meet” potential dating partners based on pictures and bios and wonder why they are frustrated with the dating process. Nobody has to work on polishing their “game” anymore. create a profile, psot a couple of your best pics, list some interesting lines in your bio, and away you go. That’s dating in the new millennium.
No more thought required. Men want it easy. Women do too.

I don’t think we should hold it against a man because he’s in his fifties, single, no kids, or never married. I know plenty of women in their 40’s now whom have never married, currently single, with kids. I don’t assume anything about them. Meeting a potential partner is not easy and not getting easier especially for older adults.

Im in the process of writing a short book about my observations in this area of interpersonal relationships.