What the world needs now is… more sex!

“Bring it on!” I hear you say.

Most of us would like more sex in our lives, barring mental illness or physical barriers to enjoying it, but I have a theory that in this era of sex on every billboard, individually we are getting less of it.

Why? It has become idealized. The power of the media has taken over from the power exerted by conventional religions. Many of us live in cultures originally defined by religion in which women, and sex, were seen as inherently evil. A necessary evil, perhaps, but ideally only used for reproduction.

Women, and increasingly men too, are depicted by the media as only being worthy of sex if they reach some near-impossible standard. Potential customers will buy into the myth – literally. They will buy more make-up, hair dye, hair restorer, gym memberships, fast cars, clothes, shoes, underwear – you name it – so that they will be worthy of getting laid. Sex sells, still. Possibly even more than it did in previous generations.

Because who will want you if you don’t look perfect?

Plenty of people will! People who are prepared to look past an artificial exterior, for a start.

What IS sex? On one level it is the means of perpetuating the human race. I doubt of anyone would argue with that.

On another level it is quite possibly the most fun it is possible have. Our adult bodies – male and female – are designed for it. The pleasure derived from sex sets off all sorts of reactions in the brain which can result in the deepest level of bonding possible between human beings.

Sex isn’t particularly fussy about where and how the bonding takes place, so we can have a situation where two males bond, or two females. It’s still all completely natural.

I would argue that we ALL have a better chance of survival if sex is involved. The hormones released make you feel good about yourself and the world in general. A person is less inclined to pick up an AK47 and take out a shopping center full of people if he (or she) has had a good fuck the night before.

Which takes me back to religion. Why would an organisation dedicated to the spiritual bother itself with the sexual?

Because the absence of sex does strange things to the average human’s brain. If you were a young male, seething with testosterone and no potential outlet in sight, constantly being told sex is a sin, what would you feel like doing? Perhaps you might feel just a teensy bit violent as a result?

If you were a women, constantly told you weren’t worthy of attracting a man due to your weight, or your dress sense, or the shape of your nose, wouldn’t you rush out and buy some magic formula to fix it?

Sex drives adult human beings. It’s time we all brought it out into the open.

More sex for everyone! (You can read my stories to get you in the mood.)


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