How to eviscerate a writer in one easy lesson

While doing routine maintenance for this site a while ago I came across a negative review for “The Job Interview” on Amazon. At the time I chose to ignore it.

I hope, for his sake, that this kind, albeit anonymous, person has no idea what a negative review does to a writer.

Imagine, dear readers (all three of you), that you put your heart and soul into something – anything – only to have it rejected over and over again. You paint a picture, or build a house, or fix a car – it doesn’t matter what – as long as you know it’s your life’s work. Imagine galleries telling you your work sucks, Councils denying you permits, your car being declared unroadworthy, over and over and over again.

With me, it’s writing. It took me 27 years to become a consistently published writer. While the time involved doesn’t necessarily make me a good writer, acceptance by a recognized publisher (Cobblestone Press) probably does. Cobblestone have, to date, accepted ten of my stories.

Yes, I write erotica, and some of you may regard this as trivial. But whether it is trivial or not, it isn’t trivial to me. A part of me goes out onto the page, no matter what I write. Writers, I believe, don’t choose to write. We write because we have to. Believe me, I’ve tried to give it up many times.

Because I’m a writer I far prefer to be behind a keyboard, living in my head. However the time has come for me to emerge and answer that negative review.

Here is my response:

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  1. Khaos

    Jane, I have just stumbled across your site today and have yet to read any of your work. However, I have read many of your blog posts to learn more about you and your personality to see if your “style” would be of interest to me. I must say your response to this review is outta this world phenomenal!! I love it!! I look forward to reading your material. Thank you so much for being you.

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