All my titles are e-books at this stage. …

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All my titles are e-books at this stage.

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Finding Love (& Sex) on Twitter
Thanks for your comment. I already know you from Twitter, and I’ve had a look at your profile. It’s quite good already, but I recommend a clearer photo of your face in the small picture, as that is the image people see in the Twitter feed. You could make your profile description longer too – what are you interested in? What do you like? Your time line is great, you take part in discussions.

I’ll write more about the next step in my next post.

Bed of Roses
Thank you Wayne! I’m so glad you enjoyed my story.

What the world needs now is… more sex!
That’s right! I’m a woman on a mission. I want EVERYONE (provided they are a consenting adult, of course) to be having more, good quality, fun sex!

How does a Man meet a Woman?
Excellent comments, thank you. I wrote this post because so many guys have asked me how they are supposed to meet someone – especially older guys, in my age group. Older men grew up with certain ideas. The world has changed. In general, women tend to find social situations easier to cope with, and they also handle being single better than men. People either learn to adapt, or they miss out.

Look forward to seeing your book when it comes out! Perhaps I will be able to tell my readers about it?