The right time to send THAT pic

Do I get those pics sent to me? Yes.

Do I like them being sent to me? Yes – and no.

Before the guys reading this reach for their phones or cameras, let me explain a few things.

Some of you may have noticed I’m a woman who writes about sex – a lot. A few people have worked out that I also like men and sex in general.

There’s no such thing, in my opinion, as an ugly erection – provided I am in the right frame of mind! If I’m drinking a cup of coffee and looking at pictures of puppies and flowers, I probably don’t want a one popping up (literally) in my messages. If I’m doing my taxes or the housework, and an image of  an aroused, naked man appears on my screen, the chances are I’ll look away. If I’m chatting to a girlfriend about a social event, and it appears in a message, it will be completely disregarded.

A long time ago, before the internet and phones in cameras, we had flashers. Jokes would be made about men in long raincoats. These men would expose their sexual equipment to a woman, without being asked, usually on a deserted street late at night. I vividly remember my own experience with a flasher many years ago. For a fraction of a second I genuinely thought, “That would be quite impressive in other circumstances.” And then I ran.

I imagine flashers are largely redundant now, as it is so much easier to take a photo with a phone and send it to someone.

My theory is that flashing or its modern equivalent, a pic, has nothing to do with sex and everything to do with aggression. A flasher is not showing a woman his tackle in the hope that she will say, “Oh, that’s wonderful, let’s go somewhere right now and have sex.” He’s doing it to startle, to shock, and perhaps even to horrify.

Any man who has any pride in himself as a man wouldn’t stoop so low.

When do I like them? When I’ve established some sort of relationship with the sender, and he’s asked me first. Courtesy is essential.

And when I’m in the mood, of course. Everything is raw material to the (erotica) writer.


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